Staff development and improving skills

Investing in training and development increases your staff鈥檚 skills, confidence and morale. This can also reduce recruitment costs.

Our comprehensive range of training courses covers all the major business sectors. Our industry-qualified team has experience in every sector and can provide specialist knowledge. Whether you need a bespoke training package or a Level 7 Management qualification, we can provide the right training for you.

We offer highly-competitive, bespoke training packages. We can tailor them to specific requirements and to fit around your company鈥檚 priorities.

To find out more about booking a course for your team, contact 0117 312 5250.

Improving skills

From entry-level to high-level technical skills. From apprenticeships to work-based training and short courses.

We equip organisations of all sizes in both the private and public sector. We offer courses across a range of markets with highly-skilled adults and employees.

We know what makes your organisation tick. Our range of programmes and courses can enrich your existing team. We can also provide you with a source of future talent which is fit for your business.

Work-based training

We provide a comprehensive range of work-based training courses. These result in vocational qualifications such as Certificates, Awards and Diplomas.

Work-based training is flexible. It is suitable for people who already have skills they would like to develop as well as beginners.

These courses skill people in a particular field to national occupational standards.


Apprenticeships comprise several aspects. You can adapt these to reflect an employee鈥檚 job and the skills they need to perform. Each apprenticeship is based on national occupational standards. Employers will learn the knowledge and understanding needed to be effective in the workplace. They will also learn current best practice as well as how to adapt to meet future requirements.

Assessment for an apprenticeship takes place in the workplace. It fits into the working day so employees do not need much time away from work. Skills are assessed through:

  • Work-based collection of evidence
  • Workplace observation
  • Investigation of skills by a College assessor
  • There are also end point assessments.

Professional short courses

We also run a full programme of short courses for professional development. These can build the skills of workers and cover a variety of subjects across all sectors.

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